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  • Building History Records of Roofs
  • Competitor installation records 
  • Missed roofing jobs 


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Construction Storm Lead List, Trades We Track for Data Maps

Roofing from Hail or Age

Roof Replacements due to Storm Damage or Last Known ReRoof.  You are covered either way.  You see the last known Roof Replacement on record.  Who did it, When and How Much


New SIding  due to Storm Damage or Last Known Reside. You are covered either way.  You see the last known Siding Replacement on record.  Who did it, When and How Much


Collateral Damage is a Key Factor in Storms and Wind. Often the Windows are overlooked in an inspection or adjustment. 30% of windows are damaged in any severe storm.  Most times they are simply original and overlooked. 

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  • Roofing History Since a storm
  • When Roofs were Replaced
  • Who Replaced the Roof
  • How much was the roof

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